My Cameras

Well, I'm pretty excited to see this blog reach 1,000 views. To celebrate, I figured I'd fancy it up in here a bit. Blogger has this option to create multiple "pages", like tabs on your blog. Since I wanted to try it anyway, this is a great opportunity to include some information on the cameras I use to take these pictures (cause that's pretty relevant, right?). I figured this would be especially interesting to share since I use very inexpensive, common equipment, such as my camera phone:

The picture above was taken by my other camera, a Nikon Coolpix:

I got this cute little thing as a birthday present a few years ago. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It's got all these different modes that I'm still trying to figure out, decent zoom capabilities, and it also takes video. So it's pretty much your average digital camera. Unfortunately, with this camera and the Samsung as well, there isn't an option for manual focus or exposure length. It's all preset or automatic. Thankfully, due to the zoom function, I can still more or less select where I want the camera focused, but as much as I would love to take pictures of the night sky or a long exposure of the chip river, probably not happening for a while.

I can't say I have a preference of one camera over the other. Since the Nikon has all those cool modes it does way, way better if I want to take a detailed shot, like this one:

 On the other hand, I got many of my favorite images just because I was in the right place at the right time and had my camera phone on me. From what I've heard, that's half the work already. I've read on many a photographers website that it's not the equipment that takes the picture, it's the person. A person can take a good photograph with just about any camera, as long as they've got an interesting subject and a good eye for composition. I'm here trying to make that happen.