Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland! Part 1

I found a unique way to celebrate the first "real" snow of the season. Most of you know by now that my "Fish" (Click to read about how mushy and disgustingly adorable we are) works at the county parks and rec. I decided to tag along with him on his early morning trek to work. After dropping him off at the shop, I took the car down to the visitor area and set off on my adventure. The story is posted in two parts of 20 pictures each. Here's part one:
Come adventure!
The first interesting thing that I saw was this scarf hanging on a tree. It looked like it had been there for a while, I hope whoever left it isn't too cold!

Since it was so early in the morning, I was the first person to come by. There were little animal tracks everywhere though! This looks like it could be a critter intersection.

Deer prints!

Most of the tracks converged into this thicket.

I got distracted by a nearby pine tree, I loved taking pictures of all the pine cones!

Does this picture look familiar to anyone?

I think also have pictures of this fence in the summer and fall, I should take a picture of it in the springtime and compare them!

Across from the fence was this bridge...

and a sign that Shawn helped put up!

It was all covered in snow, so I wiped it off. It reads 
"Lewis Pontiac Bridge
In Memory of Lewis Pontiac
Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Elder
April 24, 1900 - November 16, 1990"

I traveled down the newly dedicated bridge and wondered what other interesting things were in store for me.

I remembered that this path is for cross-country skiers, so I decided to take the other path, just in case.

What adventures were in store for me down this new path?

Oh no! I found this poor tree, weighed down by all the snow! What could I do? 

I walked around the tree and tried to dust some of the snow off, and look! It sprung right up from the ground!

It wasn't too hard to shake the rest of the snow off the tree and "free" it from it's snowy weight. I felt really accomplished!

Of course, it was still snowing, but not as much as it had been. I hoped that my new tree friend would be alright as I continued on down the path.

I kept mistaking little snow plops in the ground as animal tracks, but this time, I was pretty sure a bunny had been hopping around here.

And then, there was a noise up ahead! What could it be? I looked up just in time to see a deer's behind flying into the brush on the left. I decided I must go investigate more...

That's all of part one! I'll post the second part this weekend, I hope you all enjoy it!

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