Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Things Green

I feel an almost constant need to be surrounded by nature. It can be hard, living on the third floor of a big apartment complex in the middle of a college town, to find real, abundant nature around here. Thankfully, campus has some kind of incredible landscaping crew and of course, there is always the escape back down to the lakeside neighborhood I grew up in. These pictures are a small sample of the hundreds of pictures I have taken of plants, grass, trees, and almost anything green.

The next two in particular remind me of my childhood, they are strikingly similar to the first attempt I ever made at an "artistic" photograph. I was working on the photography badge for girl scouts. The assignment was to take a picture from an unusual angle, so I decided to see what the world must look like to ants. I got down on the ground and snapped a photo with my disposable camera. And here I am, some 10 years later, doing just about the same thing:

Glad to know I haven't changed too much.

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