Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Journey

You can change, if you want to. I know you can, because I have.

094You don't have to change, because you're beautiful enough as you are, but if you want to, you can.

You are strong enough just as you are, but if you want to be stronger, you can.

You're joyful enough, especially when you smile, but if you want to be happier, you can. You love enough, and that means the world to your closest friends and family members. But if you want to love more, you can.


You are already everything you need to be in this moment, but if you want to be more, you can.

Every time you've fallen down in the past, you've gotten up. What makes today different?

A strong person that has been knocked down is not any weaker than before. Even joyful people must have serious moments now and then. An individual may fight with loved ones, this does not make that person cruel or heartless. And I don't know a single person that looks their best rolling out of bed in the morning.

So even if we falter, even if we fall, we are incredible beings. We are all strong, joyful, loving, and beautiful. We are all enough, just as we are.


Yes, we have goals, of course we have goals! Goals for love, goals for success, goals for beauty and strength and happiness, diverse as our goals are, we all have them. They may be subconsciously tossed about in our heads as we dream, they may be jotted in illegible lists in our planner, they may be printed on neat paper or tucked away in a folder on our desktop. We call them "to-do lists" or "wishlists" we talk about things we want to see or experience, we tell our friends and our families about the places we'd love to travel to. We spend so much time, effort and energy on "I want" we start to lose sight of "I am".

Sometimes, after forgetting what I have done, I tend to forget what I can do. Often, once I have forgotten what I can do, the line between what I might be able to accomplish and what I can't accomplish becomes blurred. Filled with doubt and fear, I rid my ship of these uncertainties and throw them into the ocean of incapabilities. 

So this is a reminder to me, but also to you, because I'm not quite so ignorant to believe that I am the only person in the world who struggles with the issues I must tackle.

I can change. I have changed. I can stand my ground. I can be strong, and I can be happy. I can overcome my fears and my doubts. I can push the limits of what I think I can and cannot do. I can find out that slow persistence is still progress.

And most importantly, I can be happy with myself as I am. I have heard that the journey to self-discovery is one that takes a lifetime. I am the only one that may define "me", and I must take that challenge on.

So here I go, starting over. A new year, a new path. And this time? I'm doing it my way.
Because I can.


  1. This was beautiful and amazing. You effect more people then you realize and you're words are very helpful to hear. You're never alone, always remember that, you have people who care about you all around you.


  2. Well said. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you to everyone that is there for me too ^.^ I don't say enough how much I appreciate the support of my friends.